davin (nivad) wrote,


Oh, one more thıng. It's really, really, really hot here. I drink water non-stop all day and never have to use the bathroom because I just sweat it all out. It's so hot, even my sweat is sweating. I'm wearing shorts and light, loose short sleeved shirts and I'm dying of the heat - yet the Turks wander about ın long heavy jeans and long sleeve shirts, nary a drop of perspıratıon on their brows. How do they do it!

Yesterday was at least 32 C. Today I saw a sıgn reading 33. That's about 90 Farenheıt. It's supposed to be even hotter elsewhere in Turkey, according to my dorm-mates (a group of Spaniards on holiday).

I think I'm going to melt if this kind of weather keeps up!
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