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::Varna, Bulgaria

I hate computers.

No, I REALLY hate computers.

Add a few more 'really's in there. Then a few more. Probably some other words, too.

I just spent about an hour writing up a nice long entry, with lots of detail and commentary, and due to a computer error, it's all wiped out... Since it's after midnight now and I want to go to bed soon, now y'all get the ultra-abridged version. Sorry.

I hate computers.

Friday the 26th: Veliko Turnova -> Varna

Saturday the 27th: Varna: Aladzha Rock Monastery, palace of Queen Marie & rose gardens

Sunday the 28th: Varna: rain today, so we went to the Archeological Museum

Monday the 29th: Varna: still raining, so today it was the Aquarium and the Museum of Medical History

Tuesday the 30th: Varna: To the beach (finally, the weather cleared!). Today I swam in the Black Sea and got a little sunburn on my shoulders.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Linda!

Wednesday the 31st: Varna: Again to the beach! Starting to get a nice tan.

Tomorrow it's another beach day, then we're probably going down the coast. I might not get a chance to post again until Istanbul next week.
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